Our antenatal care begins with planning for pregnancy called the preconception counselling. 

We carry out certain basic investigations of both the partners to screen for any deficiencies or diseases and see if the body is ready for a healthy pregnancy. 

Then we start with certain diet and lifestyle modifications and supplements like the folic acid to prevent anomalies in the child. we monitor the baby’s growth and mothers health with periodic clinical checkups for the mother and perform scans and required investigations to detect any complication at the earliest. The antenatal journey with us is a nine-month long bond of friendship which always extends beyond the delivery!
We also have a special programme where we have tried to inculcate our age-old wisdom and tradition into the holistic care of the mother and baby along with allopathy. We have weekly meets which are virtual now and yoga classes with interesting activities including music, art, vedic maths and science to enhance the emotional spiritual and intellectual quotient of the child as directed in the vedas and create a holistic bond between the developing baby and mother.
At our unit the delivery process is well planned in advance with all available options. We encourage and advocate a normal delivery and prepare for it throughout the nine months. However, we also have facility for painless normal delivery with epidural analgesia, instrumental-forceps or vacuum and cesarean section operative delivery where indicated.

You can book your consultation with prior appointment on 9191919191.