This is a distressing situation but  it’s absolutely treatable now.

We are with you with the best expertise and treatment modalities to complete your family and fulfil your dream of parenthood.

To help you find the cause of the delay in conception we have investigations like blood analysis ovulation study, hysterosalpingography and Lapro hysteroscopy when needed.

Treatment of infertility is a staircase protocol where the first step is to ensure the production of good quality gamete  and time the fertilisation, called ovulation induction. In 3-6 months, over 80% would conceive if all other parameters are normal. The  Next step  if the semen parameters are average, is the procedure called IUI- intra uterine insemination whereThe semen is processed to collect the best sperms and deposited in the uterus at the time of ovulation the success rate of this procedure is 20-30% with each cycle.

If the sperm count is extremely low, age is advanced and both the tubes are not functioning, a procedure called IVF -in vitro fertilisation is advised where the female Overy is stimulated to produce multiple Eggs which are collected with the procedure called ovum pick up. These  eggs are then processed and fertilised with the best sperms to produced embryos. It can be a simple IVF or ICSI IVF . These are then graded and preserved to be transferred in the uterus at the optimal time to ensure implantation this has a success rate of –average 40% with better chances at younger age.

With procedures like MICRO TESE we have been successful in giving a pregnancy even in a zero sperm count!!  We believe in treating infertility with own gamets. However  we do have a minimal donor program where absolutely necessary.

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