A woman passes through various phases in her life.

The common Gynaec issue seen in all the three phases is infection.

 This can be mild or even severe. It can be caused by bacteria protozoa or fungus. Timely treatment of infections can prevent long-term complications.
Another common issue is development of tumors like fibroids. These are treated with medication, ultrasound, feeding vessel block or even laparoscopic/open removal called myomectomy.
Irregular menses can occur due to hormonal imbalance, fibroids, polyps, etc . Timely treatment can prevent many complications. It can be treated with medication, hormonal intra uterine device, hysterocsopic endometrial ablation or even Hysterectemy.
Prolapse is the condition where the uterine support weakens and it descends down to various degrees coming out of the interoitus at times. It can be treated conservatively with pessaries or with surgeries.
Contraceptive measures like natural methods, oral pills, intrauterine device like copper T or even laparoscopic tube ligation are performed as indicated.
We perform all kinds of operations where indicated. We have the latest instruments for performing laparoscopic operations safely. Laparoscopic surgeries are better due to minimal blood loss and accurate dissection.
Laparoscopic surgeries are safer, relatively painless and have a quick recovery.
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